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Renewable Energy for Business Exhibition

Renewable Energy for Business Exhibition

July 15, 2021

Renewable Energy for Business Exhibition

On Aril 10,2021,Contemporary Amperex Technology Cco, Limited(CATL) and China Molybdenum Co, signed an agreement on comprehensive strategiccooperation in the field of new energy metal resources.

At thesigning ceremony .Ningbo Brunp Contemporary Amperex Co., td ajont venture of CATL,signed thestrategie cooperation agreement with CMOC Limited,a sub-sidiary of CMOC.At the same time,Hong Kong Brunp and C.o, Limited,a subsidiary of Ningbo Brunp Contemporary Amperex Co. ,.td, purchased a 25% stake in kFMHolding Limited(KFM Holdings), a wholly-owned subsidiary of CMOC, at a cost of 137.5 million U.S.dollars. After the deal. CMOCLimited and Ningbo Brunp Contempo-rary Amperex Cco, respectively old 75% and 25% ofKFM Holdings, and KFM Holdings owns 95% ofKisanfu copper-cobal Mine in Democratic Republic of Congo.

As one ofthe word's largest undeveloped sourcs of obal of the highest grade Kisanfu Copper Cobalt Mine boasts 365imillion tons of ore resources contains morethan 62millon tons of coper metals and more than 3.1 millin tons o cobalt metals.This can provide CATL witha steady,reiable and clean supply of cobalt raw ma-terial in the long run.Both parties will also work together to develop as a world-class copper cobalt manufacturer.

Robin Zeng.founder and chairman ofCATL said.,The lithium-ion battr industry has stepped into the TWh era.The key condtion for ensuring igh-uality deivery isthe stable and compliant supply of raw materils.CATL always pays clos ttnton to the construcion ofa responsible cobaltsupply chain.CMoCfollows internationaESG standards and takes a leading position in the field of battery metal and EV raw materal supply.Through this cooperation both companies will oin forces to bringtheir respective advantages into play in the field of new energy metal resources such as lithium,cobalt.nickel and copper, and contriute tothe development of thenewenergy vehicle industry and to the realization of an emission peak and carbon neutrality."

Sun Ruiwen,pesident of CMOC said, Based on the high standard and good reputation in terms of sustainabledevelopment our products have long been highly recog-nized from downstream precursors cathode materal providers ovr battery manufacturer to OEMs (original equipment manufacturers). As the world-leading Ev batteryprovder, CATL plays a vital role n thegiobal new energy industy chain,and we are very pleased to reach this strategic cooperation.Both partes have their own layoutsin key resources, and we will take this as an opportunity to further develop comprehensive cooperation."