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Key Technical Features & Advantages Comply with Japan Industrial Standards (JIS) & Deutsches Institut fur Normung (DIN)

  • electrolytic lead with the purity of 99.994% and other high quality raw material pro-cured from trusted sources for reliable backward integrated supply chain.
  • Thick Lead Grid Alloy for longer service life.
  • High Energy Density for higher and instant output and long lifespan.
Computer Controlled Battery Formation
Absorbed Glass Mat(AGM)Technology for Motive and Industrial battery
Good quality plates provide High Recovery Capability for instant recharge


Electrolyte Suspension System

Electrolyte Suspension System Battery Automated Assembly

  • Advanced plates welding, casting and through wall welding technique for sturdywelding and low internal resistance.
  • Equipped With venting exhaust System to vent out fumes.

Quality Assurance

For quality assurance 10% Visual& Electical lnspection are taken in plac.Goods tested on Sophisticated,High Rate Discharge,Polarity Shor Cicut machines andother quality tests to ensure high quality, long life and manufacturing defects free products.

Environment Green

We obtained Environmental assessment & accep-tance certificate for consecutive years.
Our operational principal revolves a commitmentto conserve the diversity and integrity of life onearth to secure the needs of current and is, therefore, we have importedEco-Friendly, sophisticated & fully automatedmanufacturing machines from Europe, USA andFar East.
Our nationwide sales & service network recallsused lead-acid battery for environmental friendlyrecycling to minimize the threat posed by muddleddisposal of lead. we have collaboration with ourreputed technological partners where the finallyused batteries are dismantled & reprocessed forother purposes.