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Golf cart battery 3-EV-180

Golf cart battery 3-EV-180


Deep Cycle Flooded battery is mainly used for power supply of golf buggies, mobility scooters and other DC power supply. The battery is a good power battery, featuring large capacity, high energy ratio, good high current discharge performance, long service life, safety and reliability, maintainability.

Valtage: 12V
Capacity: 180AH
Size: 260×182×249×292mm

Golf cart battery General Features:
● Pb-Ca-Sn alloy,no Cd,environmentally-friendly
● High purity raw material and patent EV deep cycle formula of AM
● High performance AGM separator
● Excellent cycle life and recovery performance during deep cycle use
● Sealed construction and Maintenance free

Compliant Standards:
GB/T 22199-2008 、GB/T18332.1-2009 ;Passed ISO9001、ISO14001、ISO18001、CE certificate

Apply for:
Golf buggies,,Golf cart,Forklift,tour bus,sightseeing bus,mobility scooters and other DC power supply


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