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High Frequency Online UPS C6K-3C20K

High Frequency Online UPS C6K-3C20K


● Sine wave output and zero transfer time
● Capacity from 6KVA to 20KVA
● LED or LCD display
● Intelligent battery management system
● Microprocessor control
● Input power factor rectify
● Adaptable with generator
● DC start and auto restart function
● Input power factor rectify

Behind the model number, "S" means long backup time without batteries inside
Model C6K  C6KS  C10K C10KS /3C10KS C15KS /3C15KS C20KS /3C20KS
Rated Capacity 6KVA / 4800W 10KVA / 8000W 12000W  16000W
Input voltage 176Vac-276Vac 176Vac-276Vac or 304Vac-478Vac    
Input frequency 40Hz-60Hz( regulated by software)
Output voltage 220Vac ± 2%
Output frequency As input at on time; when main exceed 46 - 54Hz, output is 50 ± 0.2Hz
Output Wave Form Sine Wave
Transfer Time Zero
Efficiency in full load 93% in regular working status while 96% in inverter mode
Backup time(full / half load) 5 / 15' ---- 5 / 13' ----
Charge Current 2-2.5amp 4-5amp 2-2.5amp 4-5amp
External battery 192Vdc / 240Vdc
Battery Type Valve controlled maintenance free sealed lead-acid battery
Overload ability 110%-150% load, chang to bypass after 30 seconds, 150% load hold 300mS
Protection Over load, electric surge, short circuit, over temperature, Battery low, over voltage
Interface communication RS-232+SNMP interface slot
Temperature/Humidity 0°C - 40°C; 20%-90% without condensation
Weight 90kg  51kg  104kg  52kg  68kg  68kg
Size 260*570*717mm  260*570*515mm  260*570*717mm  260*570*515mm  260*515*717mm  260*515*717mm
Package Size 710mm*440mm*960mm / 710*440*760mm 1*20'container: 96pcs

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