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High Frequency Online UPSC1K-C3K

High Frequency Online UPSC1K-C3K


● High frequency online technology UPS
● Sine wave output and zero transfer time
● Capacity from 1KVA to 3KVA
● LED or LCD display
● Microprocessor control
● Input power factor rectify
● AAdaptable with generator LED NEW LED LCD
● DC start and auto restart function
● RS-232 and SNMP interface communication

True double-conversion online UPS
A true double conversion UPS will provide clean, high level quality power to fully protect missioncritical devices such as sensitive networks, small computer centers, servers, telecom applications, as well as for industrial applications

Behind the model number, "S" means long backup time without batteries inside
Input frequency 40Hz-60Hz( regulated by software)
Output voltage 220Vac ± 2%
Output frequency As input at on time; when main exceed 46 - 54Hz, output is 50 ± 0.2Hz
Output Wave Form Sine Wave
Transfer Time Zero
Efficiency in full load 93% in regular working status while 96% in inverter mode
Backup time(full / half load) 5 / 14' ---- 9 / 21' ---- 5/15' ----
Charge Current 0.8-1amp 7amp 0.8-1amp 7amp 0.8-1amp 7amp
External battery 36Vdc 72Vdc / 96Vdc 72Vdc / 96Vdc
Battery Type Valve controlled maintenance free sealed lead-acid battery
Overload ability 110%-150% load, chang to bypass after 30 seconds, 150% load hold 300mS
Interface communication RS-232+SNMP interface slot(OPTION)
Temperature/Humidity 0°C - 40°C; 20%-90% without condensation
Weight 14kg  7kg  34kg  16.5kg  34.5kg  17kg
Size 400mm*145mm*220mm  460mm*192mm*340mm

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