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Low Frequency Online UPS 10K-120K

Low Frequency Online UPS 10K-120K


● IGBT 20KHA SPWN regulation
● Short circuit protection design
● N+1 parallel system for averaging current
● Online battery testing design
● Power supply abnormal record with up to 500 pieces of memory
● 100% unbalanced protection design
● Intelligent charging and management
● Digitalized CPU control
● Built-in dry contact signal

low frequency three phase in three phase out from 10K to 180K
Model No. LF3310 LF3315 LF3320 LF3330 LF3340 LF3350 LF3360 LF3380 LF33100 LF33120 LF33160
Rate Capacity 10KVA 15KVA 20KVA 30KVA 40KVA 50KVA 60KVA 80KVA 100KVA 120KVA 160KVA
8KW 12KW 16KW 24KW 32KW 40KW 48KW 64KW 80KW 96KW 128KW
Operational Principle Online power supply, double conversion technology, complete isolation with output
Phase Three phase + N
Rectifier Technology Full bridge silicon controlled rectifier
Main input 380VAC±15%
Frequency 50Hz±10%
Soft start 0~100% 5sec
Efficiency >92%
Power factor 0.8
Battery DC voltage 384V 396V
Number of cells 32 33
Float voltage 432V 446V
Charge current 6~30AMP
Inverter Technology Full bridge SPWN
Wave form Sine wave
Load power factor 0.8
Voltage regulation ±1%
Frequency tolerance <±2% (Synchronized)  <±0.05% (Non-synchronized)
THD <3% (linear load), 5% (non-linear load)
Crest factor 3:1
Transient recovery time <10ms
Efficiency Up to 95% DC to AC
Overload 125% for 10 minutes, 150% for 1 minutes
Communication Interface RS232
Condition Noise dB(at one meter) 53dB - 65dB
Display LED Mains input/by pass/inverter/battery/over load/fault
Display LCD Input/output/battery voltage/frequency/load rate/ UPS condition/temperature
Temperature/humidity 0oC - 40oC; 20%-90% without condensation
Weight and Size:
180kg 280kg 380kg 440kg 520kg 600kg 670kg 690kg 790kg 800kg  
780mm*580mm*1170mm 1000mm*660mm*1450mm 1200mm*900mm*1820mm  

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