Offline UPS


● Auto voltage regulation (AVR) wide input 165V ~ 275V or 140V ~ 280V
● Advanced automatic constant charging circuit, prolongs battery life.
● Battery low voltage, overload and shot circuit protection function
● Auto charge in mains mode when UPS is shut off
● Auto turn on function on mains mode.
● Controlled by CPU , with RS232 and RJ 45 communication port. (LCD series)

Model No. H500 H650 H800 H1000 H1200 H1500 H2500
Capacity 500VA / 650VA / 800VA / 1000VA / 1200VA / 1500VA / 2500VA /
300W 390W 480W 600W 720W 900W 1500W
Input voltage 165~265V or 140~280V / 85~130V or 70~140V
Input Frequency 50Hz / 60Hz
Output voltage 220Vac +/-10% / 110Vac+/-10%
Output Frequency 50Hz / 80Hz
Output Transfer time < 5ms
Output Waveform Sine wave under mains mode or wquare wave under battery mode
Overload protection Shut down immediately upon overload and no output
Load input protection Fuse for overload & short circuit protection
Short circuit protection UPS output cut off immediately
Battery type Sealed maintenance-free lead acid
Battery protection Auto inspection, discharge protection and low battery alarm
Battery charging Suggested battery should be charged not less for 8 hours at least every three monthes
Protection type Battery low, Overload, short circuit
Inverter alarm Alarm every 4-second to indicate UPS is being supplied by batteries
Low battery alarm alarm every second to indicate battery will be depleted completely soon
Backup time 13' for one PC 15' for one PC 23' for one PC 13' for two PCs 15' for two PCs 22' for two PCs 15' for three PCs
Charging time > 8 hours
Batteries 1*12V7AH  1*12V7.2AH  1*12V9AH 2*12V7AH  2*12V7.2AH  2*12V9AH  4*12V7.2AH
Net weight 6.00kg 6.30kg 7.30kg 11.00kg 11.50kg 12.00kg 19.00kg
UPS size 350*105*155  350*105*155  350*105*155  360*125*190  360*125*190  360*125*190  450*125*190
Package size 372*150*220  372*150*220  372*150*220  455*195*275  455*195*275  455*195*275  550*195*275
Loading Quantity (1*20' container) 2100 2100 2100 1100 1100 1100 880

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